Everybody needs to have fundraising ideas whether it is a non-profit or a profit organization. Money is something which is hard to earn in a good way. Fundraising ideas are getting old to collect huge amount of money. This article will assist you to find 10 creative fundraising ideas for a non-profit organization.

1. Organize an event which is purposively related to collect funding for your organization. Event should be managed by an expert manager and the crowd should be hold tacked fully by an experienced anchor.

2. You can organize an auction consist of many precious goods from both individual and famous personalities like businessman, crickets, celebrities etc. This type of auction can earn vast amount of money.

3. You can ask a popular singer to sing for your organization. You can organize street dramas, street gatherings to collect money. You can convince any of the popular actor or actress to talk about your organization, to donate money. Street dramas are one of the traditional ways to get the fund.

4. You can start selling paper hearts or something like that which can grab the attention of the consumers at the super markets by $1 only. This technique is getting huge popularity in order to collect money around the world.

5. You can hold an event where you can organize different type of competitions. You can help competitions like poetry writing, slogan writing, essay writing, singing, dancing etc. Try to offer a grand prize to every winner so that the contestants get attracted to participate in a contest. In fact you can try to convince the winner to donate their price.

6. Try to get ideas from the employees of your organization. Sometime setting up a survey can help you to get the greatest idea about how to raise the fund.

7. You can organize a fund raising contest. The most money provider will get the biggest prize of the show. Try to win over the investor’s hearth and tell him to donate the winning prize.

8. You can call all the famous vendors to sell their products on your party. You have to charge minimum $50 per vendor and make sure that the vendor donates 30% of their profits to your organization.

9. Your organization can help other causes to collect money.

10. Use radio jingle and television spot to collect money for your organization.

Raising funds is not a tough job if you have worked properly and gracefully.

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